About embedding videos

A question I’m often asked is: How do I go about putting my video on my website? If you are in business and want to be seen, I totally understand why you’d like to have your video right on your website for your visitors to see! But putting your video right on your website can have some consequences. Let me explain.
When you put a website together, you have to deal with a hosting company to make it available to the world wide web. Your website takes up space. Most websites don’t take a lot of space but when you add up images, the space you require on your hosting company’s server increases. If you put high quality videos, chances are you will run out of space quickly! When a visitor goes through your website, he or she downloads the content from your hosting server. And there is so much downloading per month in many hosting packages out there! But again, not to worry for most websites. You’re covered.
If your website has a lot of videos and they are seen thousands of times every day (that can happen, wouldn’t it be great??), you risk of being charged extra because video takes up space and monthly bandwith. Most hosting packages are a little bit like a cell phone packages: when you use up your minutes, they start charging you extra per additional minute.
The solution? Put your videos on Youtube! They won’t charge you anything no matter how many times your videos are seen.
But does that mean your video can only be seen on www.youtube.com?? No. There is a way your webmaster can insert a code called “embed code” that will put the Youtube video screen right on your website!
So: your visitors won’t have to leave your website to watch your videos, you won’t get charged extra every month if your videos get a thousand clicks every day, they will play on mobile devices, Youtube is owned by Google so it helps with your search results and a lot more advantages!
Sounds like a good deal? If you ask me, that’s the way to go.